An Ode to Seersucker

You know what I hardly ever do?  Post about the guys.  The cinnamon to our sugar.  The ebb to our flow.  The groom and groomsmen, admittedly, don't get enough air time on Bona Fide Bride.  So today, we're going to change that.  This one's for the boys.

Although spring weddings are synonymous with peonies, robins eggs, and other beauties, they're also the time for seersucker.  It's one of my favorite fabrics and, like your favorite little white frock, it can only come out to play for a few months each year.  So join us as we give a nod to the men's attire that changed it all.

{Source: Wedding Kiss}

{Photo: Whitebox}

{Source: Today's Tie}

{Jacket: Rover Dog}

{Source: Acevola}

{Ring Bearer Ties: The Laughing Giraffe}

{Ring Bearer Shoes: Converse}



KB {eleGALA} said...

Yes please! So fun and summer-y!

bonafidebride said...

I love it!

chandra ~ oh lovely day said...

Love seersucker for a summer wedding! Perfect for a nautical, backyard, or preppy affair.

Krissy167 Make Believe'N said...

I love seersucker! The vintage feel or..old southern charm.
The dog attire is courtesy of:
I really like their shop :)

bonafidebride said...

Thanks Krissy! Credit updated!

Sarah {A Paper Proposal} said...

Those converse are SO cute! I've always loved seersucker...just wish my husband did, too! =P

Kate/MagnoliaRouge said...

It's not something you see in NZ too often... if at all, but I love it. So summery!

Weddingish said...

lovely compilation of inspiring images! Sometimes I'm conflicted on whether or not to like seersucker, but other times I am completely in love with it! Personally, I love a cute little seersucker dress. :)

Hindsight Bride said...

I will never stop loving seer sucker, never! I especially love all the sweet colors you found.