"Hi, my name is $$$."

For years now, my involvement in the wedding industry has been as a wedding planner, working miracles behind the scenes to make every bridezilla and momzilla happy, as much as I hated to do so, so that their unrealistic image of what The Big Day was supposed to be, really was.

I have driven double the speed limit to get my client the expensive bottle of champagne that was absentmindedly left in the hotel room, all so that she could have a sip (or ten) to calm her nerves before she walked down the aisle. I have had a bouquet of 'dead' flowers thrown in my face, as a hint to have them redone by the florist downstairs (the flowers were gorgeous, by the way, and the only dead thing in the room was probably the bride's soul). I have been at the beck and call of almost every undeserving, ungracious, but highly-paying beotch of a bride to ever say "I Do" in the Garden State.

Now, after my marvelous and (to me) perfect fiance has proposed(!), I am on the other side of the looking glass. A bride-to-be. It sounds so official, and it actually is. Once a colleague to the wedding professionals, I am now the target of every photographer's, band's, and wedding planner's (no kidding) dinnertime sales calls. I am no longer viewed as a resource, but as dollar signs. $$$. Prince changed his name to a symbol, and I might as well, too. $$$. I think it could work.

Anyway, I am writing this blog not as a wedding planner, but as a bride. This is my earnest attempt to put myself in my clients' shoes, to understand the decisions, the stress, everything. Only I hope to handle it a bit more... graciously. This blog, appropriately named BonaFideBride, is an attempt to journal my real experiences in this wonderful stage of my life. Here's to looking at things a whole new way.


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