Our Wedding Farm in the Armpit of America

Ladies and gentlemen, it's official... we have a venue. Our dream was to find a quaint New England-style farm, here in the heart of New Jersey. Now if you know New Jersey, you know that this is like finding a diamond in a landfill. But we did it. And guess who found it? My fiance. No, not I, the wedding planner with years of experience. This is why I am marrying him. Because he is basically awesome.

The farm we (he) found is town property, about half an hour north of us. It used to belong to this lady, Laura Harding, who was very well-to-do. She performed in off-Broadway musicals back in the 40's, and her best friend, Katharine Hepburn (yes, THE Katharine Hepburn), had her own wing in the farmhouse on the property. The Hepburn bedroom is being renovated and will be the bridal dressing room by the time we get married there. How cool is that?!

If you don't know who Katharine Hepburn is,
read and learn.

Okay, so enough talk... wanna see pictures? (Eeee!)

The entrance to the farm:

The Gray Star Barn (ceremony location):

A better view of why they call it the Gray Star Barn:

The Red Barn (cocktail hour location):

The field in back (reception tent location):

A sneak peek inside the gray (ceremony) barn:

A peek into the red (cocktail hour) barn:

I am so excited!



Jacqui M said...

Wow, everything looks great so far!

I am a fellow MUA-er and we are having our wedding on a farm as well - though our is opposite of yours, we will be doing the ceremony outside and the reception will be in the barn!

I see that your date is 10/10/10, ours is 10/16/10!! We will have to bounce ideas off of each other!

bonafidebride said...

Absolutely! Your reception will be so beautiful in the barn, the possibilities are endless!

Anonymous said...

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