Photographers and Caterers and Bands, Oh My!

May I just say that today marks ONE EXACT YEAR before our wedding day? Eeeee!

The wedding in New Hampshire was beautiful, and it so perfectly captured every little thing I love about that state. The wedding was on the MS Mt. Washington on Lake Winnipesaukee, in the peak of foliage season. It poured that day, but nobody even noticed. That's when you know it's a good wedding!

The evening after I returned to New Jersey, I helped coordinate a party sponsored by TheKnot.com. Then, the next day, my fiance and I met with Craig Scott Entertainment (band) to talk to them about our *own* wedding. They are amazing, and we booked them!


Shortly after our meeting with Craig Scott ('shortly' meaning one hour later) we met with our first choice photographer. His name is
Tony Yang, and he, also, is amazing:

And if one wedding, one Knot.com event, a band, and a photographer aren't enough in addition to a full work week, I will add that we met with our first-choice caterer yesterday. We are thinking of doing a clambake with lobster, clams, corn, and potatoes, with warm chocolate chip cookies and a variety of dessert 'shooters' for each table for dessert. We can also do clam chowder and a pear gorgonzola salad as appetizers... perfect for our farm wedding! We are so excited. Signing the contracts this weekend... this makes it real!


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