Letterpress on a Budget? Yes, Please.

I am perfectly okay with admitting that I have champagne taste on a beer budget. Always have, always will. I have always wanted letterpress invitations, but basically died when I saw the price. Until I discovered Mercurio Brothers.

Mercurio Brothers is *the* cheapest letterpress printing shop I have found, anywhere. They are located in California, but do most of their business online. I think my fiance and I will have my brother (graphic designer... score!) design our invites and then send them to Mercurio to be printed.

Their pricing is as follows:

5" x 7" invitation
100 quantity
medium-weight (300 gm Somerset) paper

3.5" x 5" reply card
100 quantity
medium-weight (300 gm Somerset) paper

And here are some examples of their work:


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