Bridesmaid Gifts for $8 {and Under}

Upon perusing the web, I came across these great bridesmaid gift ideas, all of which are $8 and under (believe it!).

I especially like the idea of giving a vintage teacup with a teabag inside, with a handmade tag attached that reads, 'You're my cup of tea' on one side and 'Thanks for being my bridesmaid!' on the other.

Breezy Cherry Blossom Frame Purse, $8, ToonDesign

Delicate Cherry Blossom Frame Purse, $8, ToonDesign

Vintage Moss Rose China Teacup, $4, LookBackVintage

Fab Solid Pashmina (other colors available), $6.50, Forever21

Figaro Sparrow Necklace, $3.80, Forever21

Polished Bow Necklace, $4.80, Forever21



Ashley @ Bride on a Budget said...

Sadly those small framed clutches from toondesign are more like a coin purse. I would recommend getting the medium frame ones for $12.

I am getting those Forever 21 pashminas for my girls though. Just looking for a free shipping code first.

bonafidebride said...

Ashley, you're absolutely right, I did notice that. If you like the size of a traditional clutch, the $12 ones are great, with many fabric options (which is still an awesome deal!). The smaller ones could also work for a wedding since they'd only need to hold small things, like money, if needed.

And the pashminas are great, I actually own one and the quality is amazing! I didn't get free shipping though.

Blake said...

That bow necklace from forever 21 is so cute, and it's practically free :)

longge said...

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