Hanging Your Gown in Style

I know it's the last thing on your mind, but have you ever considered the hanger you will use to hang your gown on your wedding day?

Picture this: You paid big bucks for that amazing photographer, and you tried on a gazillion dresses before you found The One (which you also paid big bucks for). You can't wait to get that keepsake shot of your gorgeous wedding dress, hanging in the sunlight. Now picture this: Your dream wedding dress hanging from a cheap plastic hanger.

Salvage that gown photo by hanging your dress from something a little more worthy. Here are two adorable options I found on etsy:

Silver Wedding Dress Hanger, $25, lilafrances

Dupioni Silk Wedding Hanger, $22.95, TokyoBlues


rik andes said...

if all else fails, a normal wooden hanger is 20x better than a plastic one anyday. ;)

longge said...

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