DIY Vintage Bridesmaid Necklace

On this rainy day, I wanted to share with you a perfect little DIY project from Ink & Button via Ruffled.

What you’ll need:

- One strand of crystals from a vintage chandelier. My crystals are made out of glass and thus cheaper than the real deal. Crystal and glass strands from old chandeliers can be found at antique stores, architectural salvage stores, or on eBay.

- About 4 yards of satin ribbon in desired choice of color from a local craft or fabric store. I bought mine by the yard at a fabulous trim store in Nashville called Textile Fabrics (http://www.textilefabricstore.com)!

- Embroidery floss in a color that matches the ribbon, found at a local craft of fabric store.

- Wire cutters


1. Use some wire cutters to take the chandelier strand apart so that only the crystals are remaining.

2. Wash the crystals with warm, soapy water (mine were quite dirty but shined up so pretty!) Many strands have graduated sizes of crystals. I lined mine up for the necklace so that the largest crystals were in the middle.

3. Begin with one end of your ribbon, tucking the rough end under and then folding the ribbon back and forth accordion style so that you achieve two loops. The size of your loops should be pretty uniform throughout the necklace to create a neat look. Mine were about a half inch tall.

4. Thread your needle and sew through the two loops of ribbon you just created. The idea here is to create a loop of thread (see photo) where you will eventually attach the ribbons that will tie around your neck.

5. Begin by attaching your first crystal. Each crystal should have holes drilled in each side. Take the thread that is attached to the ribbon and push your needle down through the crystal and into the ribbon. Bring the needle and thread behind the ribbon (forming a small tight loop on the back of the necklace) and push it back up through the ribbon and through the other hole of the crystal.

6. Gather two more loops of ribbon, folding accordion style, just like you did in the beginning and push your threaded needle through the loops. (I tried using three loops around the center crystal to create a unique effect.)

7. Repeat this process until all the crystals have been used or desired length is achieved. Finish the necklace the same way you began: trim the ribbon, tucking the rough end under, and create two loops of ribbon. Sew through the ribbon loops and back – creating a loop at the end of your necklace with the thread.

8. Cut your remaining amount of ribbon in half. Fold each piece in half – these two pieces will become the ends that will tie around your neck. Push the folded end of one of the ribbons through the thread loop that you created at one end of the necklace. Pull the two loose ends of ribbon through the loop to form a loose knot.

Voila! Instant cheap chic.

Project by
Ink & Button
Blogged by Ruffled



dognbird said...

Such a lovely and easy project!

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