Your Wedding is Not a Contest

Let's be honest with ourselves: Do you ever get dress envy? Do you have so many bridal blogs on your RSS feed that you see other weddings (daily) that make you realize you 'should have done this' or 'that'?

Step away from the computer. Grab your dogs, grab their leashes, grab your fiance (and his leash, if he has one...?) and go for a walk. Clear your mind.

Your wedding is not a contest.



chandra said...

Great post, and so true. Sometimes the wedding industry and wedding blogs make you feel competitive and feel the need to keep up. Ultimately, making your wedding "YOU" and just enjoying the day and what it is really about are the only things that matter.

Amberdawn said...

It's true, I start looking and I end up wanting. But the few things I have bought so far I'm very happy with. I think more in terms of value for my money and that keeps me grounded. If I see something prettier, I just think "that would have cost me more though, and I wouldn't have been happy going over budget." So far that's worked!

longge said...

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