Project: Hand-Stamped Books for Welcome Baskets

As many of you know, aside from being a wedding planner, I am actually getting married.  October 10th is quickly approaching, and I have already had a few episodes of bonafide Bride Brain.

My fiance Adam and I have, admittedly, been having way too much fun with the DIY projects and I wanted to share some of them with you in the upcoming weeks.  We started our rustic wood centerpieces (pics to come!), and I'm starting to gather everything for the welcome baskets for our guests at the hotel.

One of the neat things we're including in the welcome baskets is a handstamped hardcover book to read on a rainy day (albeit, we're praying for a sunny wedding day!).

Here are just a few... we get to make 40 of them, and it's actually really fun!



Ashley Feck said...

What a great idea! The books must have been expensive though.

Hindsight Bride said...

They are adorable. What a thoughtful idea! You have some mad skills my dear!

Joan said...

Love the font! What do they say on the spine?

bonafidebride said...

Ashley, you wouldn't believe it... I found all sorts of hardcover books for fifty cents each at Big Lots! I just removed the paper wraparounds and used the actual books for stamping. They had many different titles, authors, and colors, so I bought a bunch of different ones. I just chose three of the same for the picture above.

bonafidebride said...

Thanks Mia!

And Joan - the books I chose for the picture are titled, "Chasing Lance," the narrative of Lance Armstrong's final race in the Tour de France. I bought other titles at Big Lots as well, all of which were inspirational in some way.