Your Wedding. Operative Word: "Your."

We've all heard it at least once.  "Don't get caught up in the little things.  Stay focused on the big picture of your wedding day.  You're getting married.  That's all that matters!"

It may have come from your aunt.  It may have come from your future mother-in-law.  It may have come from the guy who mows your grandmother's lawn.  And if it hasn't come yet, it will.  For some reason, when you plan a wedding, everyone makes your business their business.  They offer advice you didn't even know you needed.  And as a reality check, let me remind you that you don't need it.

While I'm sure these people mean well, what they're essentially saying is that the 'details' don't matter.  But what are the details, exactly?  The wedding date you chose because your fiance, a self-proclaimed nerd, passionately adores binary code.  The candy apple favors you've been dreaming about because they remind you of going to the fair as a child.  The birch log centerpieces you're building because they remind you of home.

Aren't these things representative of you?  And aren't you pretty darn important (especially on your wedding day)?  Your wedding is when two souls will become one.  Your wedding is the very first time you and your husband will be entertaining together as a couple.

Heed my advice, and don't let anyone downplay the importance of the details of this epic day.  Those twelve hours will flee oh so quickly, until all you have left are memories.  Make sure you are well represented in them!  So hang those paper lanterns.  Wear those bright red satin shoes.  Make your wedding your wedding. 

Get caught up in the little things.  Because they're actually big things, to you.

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