Etsy Love: Vintage Wedding Gowns

Alright.  I have a confession to make.  I watched "The Last Song" last night (read: cheesy Miley Cyrus movie created for gals half my age).  And I have an even bigger confession to make... my husband watched it with me (yah, he's a keeper).  But are you ready for my biggest confession?  I fell in LOVE with the purple vintage gown Miley wore to a wedding in the movie.  I present to you Exhibit A:

Are you not falling out of your chair, overcome by swooniness?  Be still, my heart.  I tried to track down the actual designer of the dress, but alas, was unable.  In the meantime, I came across these lovely alternatives on etsy, just waiting to be worn to a romantic, vintage wedding:

{ 1 }

{ 2 }

{ 3 }

{ 4 }

{ 5 }

{ 6 }

{ 7 }



jacin {lovely little details} said...

GREAT finds!!

Brancoprata said...

Miley's dress is stunning!! Even if the movie was not that good... the dress certainly is!!

Emma | EmmalineBride said...

I agree with Sofia, I'm loving Miley's gown! And, the blue gown in {#1} is beautiful!

Katie said...

I'm so happy to see more and more vintage fashions in weddings! It's the most ethical fashion choice!