Hello, January.


If this isn't a new beginning, I'm not sure what is!  January first means a fresh start for us all, and for those of you getting married in 2011, it marks the first day of the best year of your life.  May all of your wishes come true this year, and may you make this your best year yet.

For us, 2011 is looking to be a great year already, and we're nothing short of thrilled!  We've welcomed some great new clients to the Bella family, and on the blog, we look forward to a total design overhaul, more real weddings, exclusive DIY projects, and some pretty *amazing* guest bloggers.  We can't wait!

We hope to continue to be a source of your wedding inspiration, ideas, and fancies.  Happy New Year, from Bella Bridal Consultants!



lizzie [love your way] said...

can't wait to see your new look! happy new year!

bonafidebride said...

Thanks Lizzie! It's coming along, slowly but surely... You as well!