Mad About MOO

You know what I never get tired of?  Great ideas.  I mean GREAT ideas.  For the people at MOO, great ideas are a way of life.  I'm convinced their job titles are 'Professional Cool-Doer' and 'YouDidn'tThinkOfThatSoIDid Guy.'

Their snappy little business cards have been a hit, but did you ever think about using them for your wedding?  YES WAY.  (Way.)

Save the Dates
I love how Kelly and Terrell took their baby pictures and made MOO cards with them to use on their Save the Dates.  How could you *not* save this date?

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Cocktail Hour Q&A
It's no secret that the cocktail hour can be awkward for a guest who is flying solo.  Not knowing a soul in the room makes that hour feel like an eternity.  Help your guests break the ice by printing MOO cards with a picture of you and your fiance on one side, and cool little factoids, questions, Mad Libs, or fill-ins on the back! 

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Escort Cards
Escort cards can be so... predictable sometimes.  Have your guests work for their seats by making them find their picture among the 'crowd.'  Prop up each guest's MOO card with a little cork that has their table number on it.  Getting your guests' photos off of Facebook = easy peasy lemon squeezy.  

(Tip: Since these take a while to print and get mailed back to you, make one for each guest you've invited, whether or not you know they're coming.  It will save you a lot of frustration later on when people change their RSVP!)

Grab some more MOO wedding inspiration here.



Rhiannon {Hey Gorg} said...

These are all such fabulous ideas!! I love the bakers twine :)

bonafidebride said...

I love the baker's twine, too! I'm seriously obsessed. I own baker's twine in red, aqua, yellow, and gray. Have I used it? Nope. Do I love looking at it? YES.

jacin {lovely little details} said...

ok now these ARE great ideas!!!

Lilbride said...

I love these ideas!! The Save the Date cards are so cute and unique. I love the details, details, details. Having an amazing event is all about them. Thanks for inspiration!

Kate/MagnoliaRouge said...

Great ideas... love those top ones!

Tami said...

I absolutely love MOO. What a cute way to use them!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for showcasing my wedding moo place cards. As easy peasy as it may seem to get people's photos, it was A LOT of work, so I'd give yourself ample time to get it done. My guests loved them, though, and it was a nice keepsake for everyone, too. ; ) Also, thanks for linking to my blog. I gotta get back to writing on there.