Anemone Love

Before I begin, I have to share this great story from my weekend.  It's one of those stories that makes you realize you learned something from the experience, never to be forgotten.  I was driving to a client meeting yesterday and on the way to the highway, I drove down a road cluttered with doctors' offices and retirement villages (a brilliant combination, don't you think?).  On the side of the road was an old man walking with his wife.  They were moving ever-so-slowly toward the doctors' offices, but what caught my eye was this: the man was escorting his wife by gently taking her hand in his, her elbow in his other hand.  She could barely walk, but he escorted her like a gentleman in love, after all these years.  It was so gosh darn romantic, and proof that while your wedding will come and go, true love in marriage will last forever.

So as we kick off another great week at Bona Fide Bride, I thought it would be fitting to feature a flower; a flower that starts out small and blooms into something beautiful.  I want to shine a little light on one of the most gorgeous, versatile flowers I know: the anemone.  In season from November to April, the anemone works just as well for a modern wedding as it does a vintage wedding.

Without further adieu, here are some of my favorite ways to display this lovely bloom:




{Flower Girl}

{Ring Bearer}




Rhiannon {Hey Gorg} said...

One of my most favourite blooms :) And that little story is so sweet and romantic. Sigh!

Katherine said...

such a gorgeous flower :) that story is tugging on my heart strings - my grand parents were like that. such a great reminder that true love exists! :)

bonafidebride said...

So true! I think grandparents are great role models in love, because they married during a time when divorce wasn't a 50/50 chance. If only we could all love so hard for so long, the world would be a different place!

Alicia@CharityWedding said...

Ahh such a sweet story! I love seeing older couples holding hands! And I love anemones, such a classic looking flower!

postcards and pretties said...

This flowers are amazing!!

I love it when I see older couples hold hands...so sweet!!

Sarah {A Paper Proposal} said...

I always love these flowers! So sweet and simple, but also bold and dramatic with the darker contrasting center.

Melina said...

My husband's grandparents are like that. I always love seeing them take care of each other with so much love because it makes me giddy. :) Those are beautiful flowers!

Weddingish said...

thanks for sharing that little tidbit from the weekend! I love hearing stories like that, and especially seeing them for myself!

And I LOVE anemones... so gorgeous!!!

Hindsight Bride said...

These have become one of my favorite blooms as well. So elegant and yet there's something so cheery about them. I can;t tell you how many times you and I have been on the same wave length. I've totally had anemones on my mind lately too!

bonafidebride said...

Don't I know it! There have often been times when I've thought, wow, I love that! And naturally, it was something you shared. :)

Kate/MagnoliaRouge said...

Aww what a sweet story!! And so nice to see.
I love anemones... but again you don't see them often in NZ... not sure if we grow them very well? Need to check that out!