Oh So Beautiful Bunting

First of all, how was your holiday weekend?  My husband Adam and I were super busy, but it was great to take a quick work break to spend some time with friends.  It's so easy to lose that 'spark' when you spend all your time working and not enough time loving.  I am making an active effort to love more.  After all, it's what we were born to do, isn't it?

At one point during the weekend, at a friend's barbecue, I happened to watch my husband for a moment when he thought nobody was watching.  He listened intently as someone told him a story, and he smiled from ear to ear as he heard something that amused him.  In that moment, I was reminded what a caring and compassionate person he is, and how handsome he looks when he smiles.  It was one of those moments when I was just so completely enthralled in being in love with my husband.

I am so blessed.  Summer love isn't just for the unmarried.

Now, since we're in the peak of summer, I had to share with you this insanely cute collection of bunting by Heidi Adnum.  Perfect for your warm-weather wedding or for a low-key barbecue in your backyard, these versatile pretties are just sitting patiently waiting for you to snatch one up.

 Head on over to Heidi Adnum's etsy shop to find your favorite!

Kristin @ Bella Bridal Consultants
for Bona Fide Bride


Alison @ TKB said...

Man I love me some bunting. Nice roundup, girl. NICE.

Also, cracking up over the comment you left. CRACKING. UP. OVER IT.

Alicia@CharityWedding said...

Aww what a sweet little story! Yes we should spend WAY more time loving! I adore bunting but I like to cheat and make quick ones with my glue gun!

bonafidebride said...

:-D @TKB. @Alicia, I KNOW. I cheat with paper sometimes. I say, it's okay.