Cupcake Liner DIY Crafts {they're a piece of cake!}

Hi there! I’m Sarah from the wedding blog A Paper Proposal | Inspired Weddings, and I’m happy to be a guest today on one of my very favorite wedding blogs – The Bona Fide Bride (duh)! If you’ve visited me over at A Paper Proposal before, then you probably know that I have a particular fascination with paper. Even if you think I’m crazy, you have to admit – it seems as though there isn’t anything that you can’t do with it! As brides continue to incorporate paper into their wedding and event decor in more unconventional ways (beyond the standard invitation, of course), the more imagination we lend to otherwise basic items like lined paper notebooks, polaroid photos, ribbons and one of my personal favorites, cupcake liners. Those little paper cups really are a wonder, aren’t they?!

If you’ve been around the wedding block once or twice, then I’m sure you’ve seen cupcake liners used as décor before. Admittedly, it’s not a super new concept, but I’ve been seeing some great do-it-yourself ideas lately that I thought I’d share with you guys today. If you’re interested in trying any of the projects out for yourself, I found lots of cute cupcake liners at Shop Sweet Lulu, Hey Yoyo, Emerald + Ella and The Birthday House.


More DIY Tutorials Using Cupcake Liners

Hang a wreath in your home during the holidays, or consider hanging them on the backs of the bride and groom’s chairs at a wedding reception.

Strung party poms and pomanders, because it just felt wrong leaving them out of this roundup.

String cupcake lights above your sweets table at your reception. I found several DIY projects for this one via Ikea Hackers, Real Simple and Curbly.

Top your jarred wedding favors with cupcake liners in your favorite color or pattern.

Class it up even more with a garland of cupcake liners, white lace and fabric.

Just for fun: Cupcake flowers and a crepe paper flower bouquet.

Leave a special message for each of your guests with a cupcake liner fortune cookie at each place setting.

I thought this sweet heart would be a great decorative addition to a bridal shower.

I thought this was interesting – whimsical and somewhat modern at the same time. A piece of wall art using large orange thumbtacks, paper doilies, and cupcake liners.

Since cupcake liners are obviously made for cupcakes, why not kick it up a notch?

…and even more party decorations via Babble.

Be sure to hop on over to A Paper Proposal for more paper inspiration!
Thanks Sarah!
xoxo Kristin


Aleah + Nick Valley said...

What a sweet post and great eye candy! Darling! {A}

birdie to be said...

Great post! I love the creativity!

Jessica [Shimmer+Silk] said...

Wow, Sarah, great post! Makes me wanna get crafty this weekend =)

Allie@HoneyBeeInvites said...

Oh! I'm in love! Who knew cupcake liners could be so versatile! I love it!!!

bonafidebride said...

I agree, I love Sarah's round-up! Cupcake liners are so pretty when bunched up and used as flowers or garland... I'm inspired!

Anonymous said...

Awesome round up! I love the succulents in little cupcake liner planters!

Alicia@CharityWedding said...

LOVE this post and especially that number! So cute!

Sarah {A Paper Proposal} said...

Aw, thanks for all of your sweet comments, and thank YOU, Kristin, for allowing me to guest post! You and your family are in my thoughts and I wish you luck in the coming months. If there's ever anything I can do to help, please let me know!

Jen said...

Thank you for all of the creative uses for cupcake liners! I have so many adorable packages of various sizes and patterns that I need to use up (from HEY YO YO--one of my favorite Etsy vendors!). I love all of the colorful inspiration!

Greg said...

I love the packaging bow idea... I have sent this to my wife! Great stuff!