DIY Lanterns

Hello Bona Fide Bride Readers! Alicia, here from The Charity Wedding! I am more than delighted to be here with you today and give Kristin a much needed break. Since we are heading into the weekend I thought it would be fun to provide a DIY tutorial just in case you had the crafting itch this weekend! This project would be perfect for your wedding, your next party, or even just for home decor. These would be a fun addition to an office space or even a nursery! With a simple switch of the colors, they could fit in to any event or space. The project is from Martha Stewart.

You'll need:
  • A Paper Lantern- available at most craft stores
  • Tissue paper
  • Double stick tape or glue
  • A Bit of patience!
Cut the tissue paper into circles or try to buy it already cut. Start by sticking the circles to the bottom of the lantern and work your way around. Overlap the layers as you go.

Continue sticking on the circles...

Once it is completely covered, you are done!

You could easily make different sizes, use a variety of colors, or even use different colors on the same lantern to create an ombre effect! I will definitely be trying this! Imagine how lovely it would look with lights inside of it!

Thanks Alicia!
xoxo Kristin


Naomi Goodman said...

Now that you can make these come to SD and trick out my office. Love these! xo

Adrienne O'Connor Ruffles and Tweed said...

so pretty - I love the ruffled look!