Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

Why hello, Wednesday!  Since I only have time to post once this week (yes, yes I know), I figured Wedding Wednesday would be the day to grace the blogosphere with our presence.  We have SO much going on here at BBC, I can barely contain myself!  I want to share with you all of the marvelous plans we have in the works, but I will refrain.

What I can tell you, however, is that I've got the bug.  You know.  The baby bug.  I confess to instant smiles every time I see kids ask the cutest questions of their mothers in public.  Babies smile at me, and I melt.  I live vicariously through my pregnant friends and newly mom-ified friends.  I just love kids a little bit more now than I ever did before.  I can't explain it.  It's just there.

Naturally, then, I wanted to gush over these fabulous frocks by Ulrike Bogo.  While every flower girl is magnificently cute, these flower girl dresses just ooze with cuteness.  It's as if Ulrike took everything we assume about flower girl dresses and threw it out the window.  Modern and streamlined, all of the flower girl fluff has been removed from these dresses, while basic beauty remains.

While children may not be in my immediate future, Ulrike Bogo is definitely getting bookmarked.

Flower girl dresses by Ulrike Bogo
1. Catrin  |  2. Lily  |  3. Mia  |  4. Beatrice  |  5. Pernilla  |  6. Anna  |  7. Stina
Photography Credit: Patrick Igonet & Gill Flett

for Bona Fide Bride


jacin {lovely little details} said...

as quick as the baby fever bug hit me, it went away in a flash. still waiting for it to come back haha :)

bonafidebride said...

Aww, but you guys would make such cute babies! I don't think we'll have babies right away, either... so I will just adore them from afar for now!

Alicia@CharityWedding said...

I feel baby fever coming on but it is currently just in the swooning over details and smiling at babies phase. It is probably best if it stays there for a bit! Cute finds!

Anonymous said...

No babies for me just yet, but those flower girls dresses are seriously sweet! :)