Dare to Wear: Suede Wedding Shoes

Wedding fashion has come a long way in the past five years, making way for wedding dresses with pockets and bright, colorful wedding shoes. This shift to laid-back chic has been welcomed in our economy with open arms. Why not take it one step further with suede wedding shoes? If you calculate 'cost per wear' like I do, suede shoes will rank favorably against wear-once fabrics such as satin.

We've scoured the web in search of the prettiest, most wedding-worthy suede shoes. And with options in every color, you're sure to find your perfect pair.

Red - Steve Madden
'Toppazz', $99.95
Pink - Luxury Rebel
'Hilary', $195.00
Orange - Butter
'Scrabble', $275.95
Yellow - Joan & David
'Demille', $155.04
Green - Christian Louboutin
'Suede Ankle Strap', $845.00
Blue - Charles David
'Harper', $164.90
Purple - Christian Louboutin
'Suede Peep Toe', $745.00
Black - Beverly Feldman
'Felissa', $214.95
Peach - JCrew
'Lilly', $228.00

Photography - Caroline Tran



Mel said...

Yay - I'm wearing suede shoes similar to the Louboutin ones in a deep red colour. Better yet, I found them on sale for $60!!!

bonafidebride said...

Those sound wonderful! And you certainly can't beat that price!

longge said...

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