Loving: Crystal Chandeliers

If there's one thing that will never, ever get old at weddings, it's crystal chandeliers. Aside from the fact that I'm head over heels for them, they are so incredibly practical. From black tie soirees to shabby chic affairs, crystal chandeliers are like a pair of classic blue jeans; they can be dressed up, or dressed down.

Although renting matching crystal chandeliers for your event is a safe bet (they run about $100 each to rent), mismatched chandeliers are unexpected and unique.

Adding crystal drops and beading to any regular light source can rev up the glamour, as well. Here, vintage foyer lights get a makeover with crystal. Check craigslist for some diamonds in the rough, or check your local Lowe's and Home Depot for some budget finds. Jazz up both with some crystals and beading from your local craft store.

Hanging a crystal chandelier from an old tree helps to bring the indoors outside. Consulting an electrician or lighting specialist is key, as extension cords will need to run down the back side of the trees. Hanging strips of white holiday lights adds a touch of sparkle and helps mimic the look of a weeping willow tree.

If your reception will happen under a tent, bring a focal point into the space through the use of chandeliers. This draws the eye away from all the 'white'. Low-set chandeliers set over seating areas help to make the event relaxing, and the newly-defined seating areas encourage mingling and conversation.

If you're set on big, elaborate florals but still want people to see each other over the centerpieces, consider combining the centerpiece with the lighting above. Florals can add a major dose of drama to your chandeliers, and the table will look magnificent with lower-set flower petals and votives that draw the eye upward.

All photos via Project Wedding.



chandra said...

I love chandeliers too! so chic, especially if you can find a way to hang them outdoors.

dognbird said...

Saw this goodness on bridetide - what a romantic look. Love it!

Kirsten Juntunen said...

I have been using chandeliers for years and I have found that they can complement almost any style of wedding, indoors or out. Excellent advice you are putting out there. Thanks for an enjoyable read!

Merci New York said...

great post - love me a good crystal chandelier anytime. your blog is fab. xx!

Anonymous said...

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