Fabulously Flowy Dresses

If there's one type of dress that continually captures my heart, it's the flouncy, flowy, look-at-me-as-I-float-on-by type.  Since it's a) Friday, and b) never a bad time for pretty things, I wanted to share the eye candy I've fallen for this week (and only one of them is white!).

{ Credit: Sitting in a Tree }

 { Credit: Reasons to Breathe }

{ Credit: Reasons to Breathe }

 { Credit: Sarah Seven }

{ Credit: Reasons to Breathe }



The Wedding Outlet said...

These dresses are fantastic!

emma | emmalinebride said...

Beautiful! Especially love the one by Sarah Seven. Soo lovely! xox Happy weekend ;)

lizzie said...

oh man, i LOVE that second one from Reasons to Breathe! Absolutely stunning inspiration!