Wrap It Up: Prettiful Bouquets

We're absolutely swooning over these beautiful bouquets and the unique ways in which they're wrapped.  Forego the traditional satin ribbon for something with a little more personality.  Burlap, lace, striped grossgrain... the possibilities really are endless.

{ Credit: J Nichols Photo }

{ Credit: Millie Holloman }

{ Credit: Maloman }

{ Credit: Millie Holloman }

{ Credit: Alders Photography }

{ Credit: Millie Holloman }

{ Credit: Aaron Delesie }



postcards and pretties said...

Beautiful! I really love the first & last bouquets

Jenna @ Heartcarrypress said...

Such a pretty detail!! The lace + button wrap is so lovely (fourth bouquet).

AllisonH said...

Love the birch wood! I haven't seen it on a bouquet before.

The Wedding Outlet said...

These are all lovely.

Young Blooms Florists said...

I love all the different ribbons and ties, I need to break out and use some more unusual ribbons...