10 Tips for the Perfect Boudoir Photo Shoot

Alright, ladies.  Here it is... the white elephant in the room, and I'm going to post about it.  I'm talking about the 'B' word.  (No, not that 'B' word.)  Boudoir shoots. Also known as your future husband's wildest dreams, come true.  The fact that you are even considering a boudoir shoot would probably make your man salivate at the mouth like Pavlov's dog if he knew, but we'll keep it on the hush because these things make awesome surprises.  Best.  Wedding gift.  Ever.

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Before you read any of this, do yourself a favor and find a great boudoir photographer, stat.  My two favorites, if you're interested, are Kristen Nichols of Haute Boudoir (LOVE her!) and Tony Yang of Yang Photography (he is AMAZING).  (On a somewhat unrelated note, Tony shot our wedding... I tell ya, the man's got skills!)

Okay, so you've got your photog.  Now what?  Make the most of your appointment.  This starts way before you arrive, so let's not fool ourselves, here. Here is our advice:

1.  Be comfortable in your own body.  I'm sure many photographers would agree, this is the most important of them all.  Eat right, exercise, and be happy.  Love the life you live.  Don't think for one minute that this is awkward for your photographer... it's just another workday, for him/her.

2.  Get there early.  Nothing is worse than stress, and trust me, it'll be written all over your face when you show up to your session sweaty and out of breath after running down Fifth Avenue to get there.  Give yourself plenty of time.  When scheduling the shoot in the first place, ask your photographer what time of day will give them the best lighting, depending on your chosen location.

3.  Wear loose clothing to the shoot.  The last thing you want are sports bra lines or EWBL (that's 'elastic waist band line', for you acronym novices).  Again... getting there early gives you time for these lines to fade.

4.  Eat smart, and drink lots of water in the weeks leading up to your photo shoot.  Eating the right foods and drinking lots of water will give you a healthy glow from the inside out.  You'll look better, you'll feel better... This is a no-brainer.

5.  Bring lots of outfit options.  At least five.  Minimum.  And shoes.  Bring clothing for different moods, so that you're guaranteed to feel good in something, depending on what mood you're in that day.  Bring something sweet and innocent, bring something a little racy... Make the most of your time!  We are huge fans of Only Hearts for girly underthings... and *perhaps* they have a coupon code going on right now (look for it!).

6.  Watch the hair!  If you're doing your hair and makeup before the shoot (we highly recommend it... and why not?  You'll feel pretty!), arrive in a button-down shirt so you don't mess up your gorgeous 'do.

7.  Wear a gel deodorant.  Not the chalky white stuff, 'cause that ain't sexay.

8.  Play music during the shoot.  A lot of great boudoir photographers do this anyway, without question. This is something to ask beforehand, and if your photographer doesn't bring music, bring your own!

9.  Find pictures and poses you like, first.  Have an idea of what to do when you go in there.  If your photographer gives you further direction, listen up!  They know best, and you'll thank them later when you see how awesome that really awkward-feeling pose looks, in the end.

10.  If your nerves get the best of you, bring a friend.  No, not in the room during the shoot... because that may be weird!  Have someone come with you and wait in the hotel lobby.  If your photographer has a problem with you walking there with someone... think twice about doing the shoot with them in the first place.



Margaret Ivory - Ivory Pearl Bridal said...
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Kristen Nichols said...

Thanks so much for the shout out, and really great advice!
I think boudoir is something EVERY woman should do at least once in her life. Xoxo