Comfortable {Black & White} Elegance

Black and white is anything but boring when executed correctly.  Given elements of movement and whimsy, black and white-- the two most basic colors-- become comforting and warm.  Incorporate soft textures and skip harsh patterns; complement your space with the glow of candles; and you've made for a warm, welcoming wedding not to be forgotten.



Anna said...

I'm in love with a black & white color scheme. It allows you to accent with any color of your choice to give it some "pop". Our wedding color scheme was black, white and red :) We also used a pearlescent white paper on all of our stationery...fabulous!

bonafidebride said...

Anna, that sounds fabulous! I love pearlescent paper. In fact, I love it so much I made sure we used it for our engagement party invitations, even though it didn't really 'go' with the general feel of the party... I just loved it and wanted to get it out of my system!