Loving: Cake Pops

As y'all know... I use y'all wayyy too much for a gal in New Jersey (perhaps I was a southerner in a past life?).  ANYHOO.  As you all  know, I am on a bit of a hiatus this week, but I couldn't help but post a little something something. 

Today is my little sister's birthday (happy birthday, Kel!) and in an attempt to celebrate, all Betty Crocker-like, I baked her cake pops.  But not just any cake pops.  THE cake pops, from Bakerella.  And in celebratory fashion of the celebratoriness, can we just take a moment to appreciate THESE?

{ Credit }

And how amazing are THESE?!

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Fabulous?  Yes.  Hard to make?  NO.  (Those of you who had trouble making the heart-in-cake that I featured last week, this one's for you!)  You can find the directions at Bakerella here.


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