Spring Wedding Trend: Lawn Games

So it's been a busy week so far for us, with an Association of Bridal Consultants conference in Virginia, followed by a whirlwind of work for our (amazing!) current clients.  After some beautiful New Jersey weather, we're back to a mix of rain and snow... but that's not to stop us from a little daydreaming.

This spring, we predict the wedding 'fun' factor will be kicked up a notch.  We're really digging the idea of lawn games at your wedding, for a few reasons:

1.  They're pretty darn fun.
2.  They give your guests something to do if you're the traditional type, breaking between the ceremony and cocktail hour to take pictures.
3.  They're pretty darn fun.

Example A:

{ Source }

Convinced?  Here are a few of our favorites:


{ Source }


{ Source }


{ Source }

Horse Shoes

{ Source }


{ Source }

Potato Sack Races

{ Source }


{ Source }

{ Source }

What games will you be incorporating into your wedding day?  Do share!



Kate/MagnoliaRouge said...

There's something about croquet at a wedding!! So british!! Sack races would be interesting.. wonder how many girls in their dresses would be up for that :-)

bonafidebride said...

I would totally do the sack race! A three-legged race, however, might not end well in a dress...

Melina said...

Oh my gosh! Cornhole (never knew what it was called until now!) was one of my favorite games when we tailgated at my alma mater's home games! That would be my pick. :)

Alicia@CharityWedding said...

Having any of these at a wedding would be SO fun! I love those cornhole boards! Too cute!

bonafidebride said...

I love them too! Cornhole is so fun... My friends actually call it 'Baggo,' perhaps because 'Cornhole' sounds a little... unladylike? Ha. ;)

bridechic said...

Glad you covered Bocce. They used to play in France. I've always loved croquet as well and am so glad brides and grooms are considering adding them to the festivities. . .

Weddingish said...

Love the retro feel of this! I would love to see this trend grow even more. <3