Fashion Friday: Sarah Seven Spring 2012 Bridal Collection

As we wrap up the week and tie it off with a pretty little bow, I wanted to share with you Sarah Seven's amazing Spring 2012 Bridal Collection.  As you're sitting at your desk waiting for the clock to tick 5pm (or 3pm, if you have Summer Fridays, you lucky little thing), let's just think of the possibilities for these lovely frocks: Bridesmaid dresses sent from heaven?  Bridal shower dress divine?  Engagement shoot magnificence?  Yes, my friends.  All of the above.

Mustard Seed

Navy Enchantment

For Sarah

Lemon Drop

Golden Lights

Sarah Seven frocks are available on her site and at Lovely Bridal, locally in NYC.



Sarah {A Paper Proposal} said...

AHH, I love all of these! Navy Enchantment, Lemon Drop and Golden Lights are my favorite favorites ;)

Jennifer said...

I love these modern twists on bridesmaids dresses! ITS ABOUT TIME :) I can't even pick.