New York City Engagement Shoot

As I write this post, I am blessed to be sitting on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  (And I don’t mean the Jersey Shore.)  The aquamarine waves are rolling upon the fine white sandy beach as I watch the honeymooners take their strolls.  
My husband and I had been, admittedly, out of the ‘honeymoon stage’ for awhile already.  Though we got married a mere six months ago, the four jobs between us (and my dad coming up on a year in the hospital now) brought a quick end to that ‘honeymoon stage’.  And before we got married, we didn’t even know what people meant by that.  But now we do.  And it was over.
But being halfway across the world, away from all the hustle and bustle of New York City, has brought peace to our souls and our marriage.  For awhile I was (oddly) half considering couples counseling, when really, all we needed was a couples vacation.  I can say, without a doubt, that we’re back.  And it wasn’t hard to get there; we just needed to make the time.
Being here has reminded me that there is more to life than working four jobs, commuting a couple hours each way to work, and getting home just in time to make dinner at a ripe 9pm.  So I just want to reach out to anyone who is anything like us.  The gals in the blogosphere who are working x-number of jobs just trying to get by in your 20’s, in search of the American Dream.  I admire you for that, but please don’t lose sight of your marriage.  Once this wedding is over (and it will be, in the blink of an eye) comes the marriage.  The daily fight worth fighting.  So put your marriage first, and keep it there.  Always.
So without further adieu, I wanted to share this loving engagement shoot with you submitted by Vanessa Joy Photography.  Shot in New York City, it reminds me of home.  The love Lauren and Dan share is admirable and invigorating.  I hope it inspires you today as it inspired me.

Photography: Vanessa Joy Photography / Location: Bryant Park Grill / Submitted via Two Bright Lights


Savvy Deets Bridal said...

Good for you to make some time for a couples vacation! We just did this for our 2 year anniversary, which was so long overdue! Enjoy the time with your husband!

What a cute couple in this shoot! They are so refreshing!

Melina said...

I love her dress! I also love your tip on making time for the marriage. :-) My husband and I decided on our honeymoon that we would always have a beach vacation every year for our anniversary as a way to always recharge. Depending on Military schedule we will always make an effort to go away together. <3

Anonymous said...

I really hate what photographers are doing to the colors. Nice photos but some of the colors are unrealistic and just awful-why ruin a great image