Summer Kick-Off: A Jersey Shore Engagement Shoot

Okay, can we believe it's Wednesday already?  What a difference a holiday on a Monday makes.  I'm lovin' it.  In a non-McDonald's kind of way.

Now unless you've been living under a rock like this guy, you know I live and work at the Jersey Shore.  Though this weekend was a fabulous kick-off to the summer, I must tell you, the traffic at the Jersey Shore is UNREAL.  Not because Snooki is here (well, we all know she's in Italy, anyway), but because the Jersey Shore is GORG and everyone wants to come here.  

Want to see how beautiful my hometown really is?  I just about squealed out loud when I received this engagement shoot submission by Jenelle Kappe.  She captured Liz and Colin's day at the shore perfectly, and it immediately won a place in my heart on location alone.  The dreamy photography, adorable couple, and the best arcade games known to man are just a {gorgeous} bonus.

From Jenelle: "Liz and Colin are one of the best couples that I have photographed. Liz had told me a few weeks before their engagement shoot that what they "love about photography are the hidden moments and hidden beauty". This was music to my ears. This offered me the chance to step back and allow Liz and Colin to just be . . . them. With minimal directing, only asking them to stand in a certain area, I was able to naturally capture them being them. There is a high I get when I have a shoot like this. Capturing the moments naturally as they occur and not forcing them into the shot is an amazing experience and feeling."

Submitted via: Two Bright Lights

Kristin @ Bella Bridal Consultants
for Bona Fide Bride


Claire Gallam said...

When I first read "jersey shore" i got nervous b/c I thought it'd be like the show? But no, this is super cute and I love it :)

bonafidebride said...

Oh my goodness, a 'Jersey Shore' themed engagement shoot would be awful, wouldn't it?! Alas, this is the REAL Jersey Shore. It has a totally different 'feel' in real life, trust me! :)

Melina said...

Very lovely! I have always wanted to go to Jersey Shore. I have family up near there but I never see them!

postcards and pretties said...

Nothing beats boardwalk games down the shore. Such a sweet session!

bonafidebride said...

Melina, if you ever come up to the Jersey Shore, let me know! I'll show you around! :)

bonafidebride said...

Chris, I agree! If you come to the shore this summer, let me know! We can go get Kohr's milkshakes on the boardwalk, they're AMAZING.

Anonymous said...

Really cute! I love the shots of them playing skee-ball - how fun!